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includes previous merch designs for buttons, charms, and stickers; also has art drawn in the chibi style

zine work

last updated: 09/09/21

FandomTitle + LinkRoleStatus
Genshin ImpactLapis Dei: Morax Zinepage artistin progress
Genshin ImpactMidsummer: Faepage artistin progress
Genshin ImpactA Serendipitous Encountermerch artistin progress
Genshin ImpactWeGachapage artistin progress
OriginalBlood & Breathpage artistin progress
VocaloidHall of Famepage artistin progress
DanganronpaDeadly Ever Afterpage artistin progress
DanganronpaEnoshima Insidercover artistin progress
DanganronpaThe Ultimate Academypage artistin progress
Wonder Egg PriorityColorful Girlspage artistpreorders
OriginalTeeth and Clawspage artistin progress
Genshin ImpactLupus Minor: Razorpage artistpreorders
Love Live!IDOLIZEDmerch & page artistpreorders
Identity VIdentity Voguepage artistpreorders
VocaloidVocaloid Tarot Deckpage artistcompleted
MultifandomHeal Up!merch & page artistpreorders
Mamamooreality in COLORmerch artistcompleted
TWEWYRe:Playpage artistcompleted
TPNReminiscencepage artistpreorders
HamefuraLove Flagpage artistcompleted
Kimetsu no YaibaMoeru: Rengoku Zinepage artistcompleted
HamefuraBakarina Fanovelmerch artistin progress
DanganronpaGirl's Day Out!page artistcompleted
Cookie RunSugar Delights!merch & page artistcompleted
JSHKForever Boundpage artistcompleted
JSHKIn the Boundarypage artistcompleted
Identity VConcordiapage artistcompleted
JSHKWhimsical: Wonderlandpage artistcompleted
Kimetsu no YaibaNezuko Zinepage artistcompleted
Bang Dream!Bandori Hallowzinepage artistcompleted
DanganronpaGrowthpage artistcompleted
Love Live!Dancing and Dragonsmerch & page artistcompleted
She-RaPromises: Catradorapage artistcompleted
DanganronpaAishiteru: Komahinapage artistcompleted
Monster PromThe Worst Yearpage artistcompleted
Houseki no KuniWorldpage artistcompleted
DanganronpaPlease Insert Coin!page artistcompleted
ErasedOnly I am missingpage artistcompleted
League of LegendsRosariamerch & page artistcompleted
DanganronpaLucky: Komaeda Zinemerch & page artistcompleted
Yume NikkiLuciditymerch & page artistcompleted